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Youth Behavioral Health Assessment

In 2023, the Health District of Northern Larimer County contracted with the Aurora Research Institute (ARI) to hear from young people and the individuals and organizations who serve them about the strengths and opportunities of the current behavioral health system in Larimer County. The findings and nine key recommendations have been published in a report, “The State of Behavioral Health for Youth and Children (0-24) in Larimer County.”

Nine Key Recommendations:

photo of a black, female counselor smiling empathetically at a student while holding a clipboard and pen

Attract and retain a diverse and culturally competent workforce

Support and expand peer support promoting positive youth development and prosocial relationships

photo of white female high school student and black female high school student sitting in a circle of chairs hugging while a black male high school student looks on

Establish and promote access to local comprehensive acute services for youth and families

photo of teen Latinx male looking at cell phone screen while having a teleconference

Advance the accessibility of care

photo of hispanic dad and white mom walking outside through a park in the fall season with their daughter and son

Expand wraparound services

photo of a group of hispanic teens dancing hip hop with the focus on a female with a mischievous smile

Increase awareness and education of behavioral health

photo of a diverse group of seven elementary age children on school playground equipment

Expand and increase the capacity of services for younger youth ages 0-4 and 5-12 and their families

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Increase resources supporting a comprehensive school behavioral health system

photo of casually dressed in-home care provider wearing a name tag and holding a notebook and pen speaks to a couple and their two children

Increase and adopt successful models for home-based behavioral health care services

Read the full report here.