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How you can help

Your gift helps us to broaden the reach of the following health services, helping a greater number of community members in need across Larimer County.

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Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC)
Donations help youth and their families to receive answers, options, and support with mental health or substance use concerns and connections to treatment providers in our community for their needs.


Dental Services
Donations help individuals to receive the specialty dental care that they need, including dental care under general anesthesia.


Prescription Assistance
Donations help individuals overcome financial barriers to receive the prescriptions they need.


Tooth Fairy Fund
Donations will provide financial assistance to local residents who are unable to pay even the low sliding-scale fees at the Health District’s Family Dental Clinic.


Enhance the Health of our Community
Donations will support our organization’s greatest area of need to enhance the health of our community members.



For more information about ways to help through a financial donation or other means, please contact:

Jessica Shannon
Quality Improvement Projects Manager